Assistant Superintendent of Public Works


Responsible to assist the Superintendent in the operation, maintenance, and upgrade, as needed, of all facets of the City water, wastewater, and building department operations and the maintenance of streets, parks, and all City property and also to supervise the other Public Works employees as they perform these tasks. Also, to perform the essential duties of the Public Works Superintendent in his/her absence.


  • Dependent on Qualifications



The incumbent in this position has the responsibility for determining priority of all tasks listed subject to the direction of the Superintendent.

Streets Duties
Assist the Superintendent with the following:

  • Coordinate all maintenance activities on City streets, sidewalks, and curbs such as grading, construction, repair, or reconstruction.

  • Inspect sidewalks to ensure code compliance; maintain City sidewalks as required. Report any violations to the Code Enforcement Officer.

  • Maintain all City signs; paint crosswalks and parking markings.

  • Maintain, clean, and repair storm sewers and catch basins as needed.

  • Spray weeds along roadways and City maintained sidewalks when needed.

  • Obtain salt and sand annually for application to streets and sidewalks as needed.

  • Remove snow, ice, and debris from streets and sidewalks as needed. Coordinate staff to ensure a timely response to snow events as well as ensuring coverage of other required public works functions and staff rest periods. Communicate with the Mayor about weather conditions and help determine if a snow emergency needs to be declared. If so, communicate with the Police Department so that the residents and media are notified.

  • Maintain street maps, GIS information, and coordinate with City staff.

  • Maintain, hang, remove, and store (or arrange for such) pole banners and holiday street decorations.

Grounds Duties
Assist the Superintendent with the following:

  • Maintain grounds on all City property (empty trash, sweep floors, etc.).

  • Trim and/or remove (or arrange for such) trees on City property as needed.

  • Inspect park playground equipment and repair or replace (or arrange for such) as needed.

  • Spray weeds (or arrange for such) when needed.

  • Trim, mow, and rake leaves.

  • Maintain (or arrange for such) all City property structures as needed.

  • Maintain retention basins.

Equipment Duties

  • Operate all City equipment on appropriate applications as needed.

  • Perform (or arrange for such) general maintenance and repair work on all City equipment as needed. Maintain accurate equipment records.

  • Ensure that all staff have received needed training for any equipment they need to use for their responsibilities, that they demonstrate that they are competent on a piece of equipment before they are allowed to operate, and ensure that they keep current with training and knowledge about the equipment. If a staff member is found to not be competent using a piece of equipment, this employee will be removed from using the equipment until such time as they demonstrate they have become competent.

  • Arrange for the rental of equipment as needed.

Building Department Duties
Assist the Superintendent with the following:

  • Review submitted paperwork for building permit applications. Ensure the application is complete and the proposed project is following all applicable codes. If more information or changes are needed, communicate with the building permit applicant or subcontractors to obtain needed items.

  • Refer commercial building permit applications to the City Council for approval. Review the commercial building permit applications and forward a recommendation to the City Council in time for inclusion in the Council packet.

  • If a commercial building permit application is approved by the City Council, issue the building permit, maintain building address files, provide the necessary paperwork to the City Clerk’s office, and perform (or arrange for such) all needed inspections.

  • When a residential building permit application is found to be complete and accurate, issue the residential building permit, maintain the building address files, provide the necessary paperwork to the City Clerk’s office, and perform all needed inspections.

  • Ensure that the building codes are up-to-date and revise forms as needed.

  • Review plats, give input to the City Council regarding plats, and assign address numbers when needed.

  • Maintain current insurance documentation for all contractors and subcontractors.

  • Provide building permit information needed for any required reporting.

Water Duties

  • Test water as required by Iowa DNR permit.

  • Perform necessary functions for the City water system on holidays and weekends on a rotating basis with other qualified Public Works employees.

  • Post required notices and shut off water to property as needed.

  • Install or replace water meters as needed.

  • Operate the water meter system to capture the monthly meter readings for the entire City and capture specific address readings for the entire City and capture specific address readings as needed during the month.

  • Maintain adequate levels of chemicals for water treatment.

  • Drain water tower for inspection and/or painting as needed; inspect tower (or arrange for such) for scratches or chipped paint.

  • Flush fire hydrants on semi-annual basis and repair or replace as needed.

  • Flow test/pressure test all fire hydrants on an annual basis.

  • Locate, repair, and/or replace (or arrange for such) of water mains and services lines as needed.

  • Complete and file water reports as needed or required.

  • Keep water plant in clean, organized condition.

  • Maintain water maps.

  • Attend training sessions to acquire and/or maintain Water Distribution Certification Grade II and Water Treatment Certification Grade II through the Iowa DNR.

Wastewater Duties

  • Operate and maintain the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

  • Perform necessary functions for the City wastewater system on holidays and weekends on a rotating basis with other qualified public works employees.

  • Take and submit sewer samples for testing as required by permit.

  • Inspect lift stations as necessary; record hours used daily.

  • Locate and arrange for repair and/or replacement of sewer mains and manholes as needed. Spray weeds when needed.

  • Oversee construction and maintenance of the sanitary sewer system.

  • Maintain sewer maps.

  • Attend training sessions to acquire and/or maintain Wastewater Certification Grade III through the Iowa DNR.

  • Complete wastewater reports as needed or required.

  • Keep Waste Water Treatment Plant in clean, organized condition.

Other Duties

  • Supervise Public Works employees which includes: provide thorough and adequate training, assign work duties, monitor work and ensure all City procedures are being followed, receive leave requests, participate in employee evaluations, communicate with the Superintendent about any needed disciplinary action, participate in the discussion regarding pay and benefits, and any other needed tasks to ensure an effective Public Works workforce.

  • Issue needed disciplinary actions – verbal and written warnings – as needed. Keep an accurate record of such warnings showing at least: employee name, date, as well as details about the incident and what was discussed if verbal and a copy of any written warning. Place a copy of this record in the employee’s personnel file at the City Clerk’s office.

  • Contact the Superintendent when verbal and written warnings have not proven to be effective and when disciplinary actions need to be escalated.

  • This position requires regular attendance during the hours specified in the Personnel Handbook.

  • Keep an accurate time card including a breakdown of hours worked by department and submit it weekly.

Assist the Superintendent with the following:

  • Ensure compliance with OSHA and other safety regulations including postings, equipment use, and procedures.

  • Coordinate cross training of all Public Works employees’ responsibilities to ensure continued operation of all City functions.

  • Help establish and keep up-to-date a City emergency response plan and participate in putting the plan into action in case of an emergency.

  • Respond to emergencies and situations that cannot wait for a response during regular business hours to ensure the operation of all City functions or preserve private property. This may involve answering your City cellphone during non-regularly scheduled work hours.

  • Dispose of dead animals and other disposable items as needed from City property.

  • Arrange for locates of underground utilities prior to excavating projects and locate utilities as requested by Iowa One Call.

  • Report to the Police Chief any vehicles parked illegally on City property.

  • Assist in compiling a listing of properties in violation of City code. (Examples: mowing ordinance, nuisance ordinance, junk car ordinance, or parking ordinance.)

  • Attend City Council meetings, in the absence of the Superintendent, to report activities, answer questions, and obtain approval for projects when required.

  • Order parts and supplies for operations, projects, and equipment as needed.

  • Review all City property and equipment with the City’s insurance agent to ensure proper coverage.

  • Compile an annual list of projects/tasks to complete.

  • Compile and annual list of needs for the budget planning process and prepare department budget proposals.

  • Be aware of all City policies as listed in the City of Farley’s Personnel Policy Manual or as many be updated. This manual will be updated as needed. All updates become effective once adopted by the Farley City Council.

  • Keep the City Clerk’s office staff informed of any planned absences for maintenance department employees to ensure staff knows who to contact on a daily basis.

  • Other tasks may be required.

This job description is not intended to limit the responsibilities of an employee assigned to this position to those duties listed above. The employee is expected to follow any other reasonable instructions and perform any other reasonable duties requested by City management. The level of involvement may vary based on need and individual capabilities.


Automobile, skid loader, mowing equipment, various hand and power tools, computers, telephone, answering machine, printer, tablets, meter reading equipment, and other equipment needed to perform duties. Most power equipment requires specific operational and maintenance training; perform minor maintenance activities on most power equipment as needed.


  • Education: High School Graduate or equivalent required.

  • Experience: A working experience of heavy equipment, water and/or sewer plant operation, grounds maintenance, and related areas required. A basic knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Office are preferred. The ability to read blueprints preferred.

  • License/Certification/Endorsements: Must hold a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class B with Air Brakes Endorsement and participate in and be able to pass a drug and alcohol screening program as part of the CDL requirements. Must maintain, or be able to acquire in a timeframe as determined by the Farley City Council, Water Distribution Certification Grade II, Water Treatment Certification Grade II, and Wastewater Certification Grade III through the Iowa DNR.

  • Special Abilities: Must have good organizational skills, be a self-starter, have sufficient verbal and written communication skills to interact with staff, elected officials, and citizens in a professional manner, and have the ability to manage numerous maintenance-related projects concurrently; should have a broad knowledge of City operations from a maintenance perspective.

  • Physical Requirements: Must be able to lift objects weighing in excess of 90 pounds on an occasional basis and carry, push, or pull them up to 10 feet unassisted. Must be able to work in confined work areas and occasionally from heights. Must be able to stand, sit, listen, watch, crouch, stoop, kneel, bend, climb, and balance for extended periods of time in all weather conditions.

  • Mental Requirements: Must have the ability to prioritize, plan, and schedule a variety of maintenance related activities in accordance with established deadlines; must be capable of performing under moderately to highly stressful conditions created by the need to provide accurate solutions to problems and meet citizens’ expectations under time deadlines; must be able to understand and properly follow directions from supervisors.


All duties and requirements in this job description have been determined by the employer to be essential job functions and are consistent with ADA requirements and are representative of the functions that are necessary to successful job performance. They may not, however, reflect the only duties performed. The City of Farley retains the right to change the job duties included in this job description at any time. Employees in this job class will be expected to perform other job-related duties when it can be reasonably implied that such duties do not fundamentally change the basic requirements, purpose, or intent of the position.


To apply, please download and fill out the corresponding forms.

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