Custom Applicator (Epworth, IA)


The purpose for this position is to assist in daily operational duties at the facility. Operates commercial sprayer or floater for the purpose of applying crop inputs to producer field. In addition, operates and maintains single or tandem axle trucks and other equipment. Performs all job functions in a timely and accurate manner to increase customer satisfaction and maintain the reputation and profitability of the organization.


  •  Applies crop production inputs to fields and growing crops according to recommended rates, procedures, and following all pesticide labels.  Records application data according to regulations and standards.

  • Sets up material handling, blending, storage, transport and application equipment for blending and delivery of products.  Blends products according to recommended rates and procedures.

  • Follows maintenance schedule of facility and equipment.

  • Responsible for inventory and distribution of products.

  • Drives and delivers miscellaneous products as requested.

  • Assists both full-time and part-time operations personnel.

  • Maintains the facility and equipment image.

  • Provides excellent customer service.

  • Works with location manager on all safety and compliance issues.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of and the ability to safely operate sprayers, floaters, single or tandem axle trucks and other equipment to meet company and DOT standards

  • Performs and records daily safety checks of assigned vehicle(s) and associated equipment by conducting pre-trip inspections, such as checking fuel and oil levels, inspecting tires, lights, and brakes.

  • Loads and unloads containers, pallets, or materials and products, safely on/off trucks, trailers, or railcars.

  • Ensures products are evenly balanced and distributed on trucks/trailers and proper axle weights are met.

  • Responsible for maintaining, repairing, rebuilding, and/or servicing location equipment, vehicles, and structures as needed.

Three Rivers FS is a locally owned agricultural cooperative serving producers in Northeast Iowa. Formed in 1930, Three Rivers FS is a leader in meeting the needs in production agriculture and agricultural, commercial and residential refined fuel and propane needs as well.

Three Rivers FS is a member of Growmark system. Within the cooperative, local producers own Three Rivers FS, and in turn, Three Rivers FS, along with other FS-branded cooperatives, has ownership in Growmark. With the help of our partner we can help our customers exceed their goals with our resources and use of our technology.

Three Rivers FS is headquartered in Dyersville, Iowa. Three Rivers FS has 9 locations within Clayton, Delaware, and Dubuque counties. We provide retail sale in; seed, precision agriculture products, custom application, crop protection, propane, fuels, and lubricants to over 10,000 customers.