Police Chief


Under the general direction and supervision of the Mayor and City Council, direct the activities and programs of the City of Farley Police Department, utilize and coordinate personnel and equipment resources, patrol assigned areas to enforce local ordinances, state and federal laws; participate in law enforcement and crime prevention activities; provide emergency support service, community relations, confidential work associated with law enforcement, and the protection of life and property; perform specialized and technical law enforcement duties.


  • $16.82 to $28.85 per hour dependent on qualifications



Administrative Duties

  • Serve as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Police Department and, at times when deemed necessary, a working supervisor by directing and participating in the daily activities of subordinates of the Police Department.

  • Set up daily work schedules for police employees, and determine manpower, equipment, and material needs.

  • Plan, schedule, evaluate, and oversee all police personnel, projects, and operations, including the apprehension of violators of law and investigations and reports.

  • Supervise the work performance of all department staff and initiate corrective action.

  • Ensure all officers meet certification standards annually and keep records proving such.

  • Oversee the training and orientation of all new staff.

  • Supervise the care and maintenance of department equipment and facilities.

  • Prepare and submit the annual department budget in accord with the current procedures for doing such and monitor expenditures and revenues throughout the year.

  • Maintain all records and materials associated with law enforcement activities or administration.

  • Maintain evidence locker.

  • Administer animal, golf cart, and ATV permitting process.

Patrol Duties

  • Patrol assigned areas of the City on foot or in patrol car.

  • Monitor public safety and identify violations of the law.

  • Remain observant for problems relating to public property; note damage to public property and report problems to appropriate party.

  • Issue citations or arrest violators of the law in compliance with local, state, and federal ordinances, codes, regulations, laws, and standard operating procedures.

  • Maintain knowledge on applicable new local, state, and federal laws, mandates, regulations, policies, procedures, and contemporary police trends and initiatives.

  • Serve as the City’s Code Enforcement Officer.

Emergency Support Duties

  • Respond to emergency calls involving threats to life or property.

  • Provide backup services to other law enforcement officers as needed; cooperate and network with other departments of law enforcement agencies.

  • Travel to accident scenes and remove safety hazards; report injuries; assist with emergency medical, firefighting, and rescue operations; control traffic at accident site.

  • Investigate accidents and crime scenes by interviewing victims and witnesses; gather evidence; inspect/photograph crime/accident scene; complete and file required reports.

  • Mediate disputes; counsel person in distress or emergencies; restrain violent persons.

  • Assist stranded motorists.

  • Work with City and County Emergency Management and respond to all critical incidents and hazardous events in accord with the City and County all-hazards plan/emergency operation plan.

Community Relations Duties

  • Conduct security checks at residences and businesses.

  • Perform public relation services by giving presentations to schools and community groups as directed.

  • Establish and maintain positive working relationships with the Mayor, City Council, City employees, local school administrators, the general public, other agencies, professionals, contractors, and the press.

Other Duties

  • Serve as animal control officer; issue licenses; pick up stray and abandoned animals and transport them to shelter.

  • Prepare timely and accurate reports and daily logs summarizing action taken and investigate findings; read logs and reports prepared by subordinates as well as other law enforcement working within City limits.

  • Appear at hearings to give testimony and evidence.

  • Inspect firearms, other weapons, vehicle, and other issued equipment to ensure they are clean and operational; keep records of inspections.

  • Attend training seminars and classes as required.

  • Purchase commodities and services in accord with current policy.

  • Wear protective vests at all times while on duty.

  • This position requires regular attendance at the worksite during the hours specified in the Personnel Handbook.

  • Other tasks may be required.

This job description is not intended to limit the responsibilities of an employee assigned to this position to those duties listed above. The employee is expected to follow any other reasonable instructions and perform any other reasonable duties requested by City management. The level of involvement may vary based on need and individual capabilities.


Firearms, Taser, handcuffs, pepper spray, portable radios, body camera, patrol car (including lights, siren, radar in-vehicle radio, vehicle camera), computer, phone, multi-function printer, and AED.


  • Education: High School Graduate or equivalent required; all education and training shall be the standards set forth by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.

  • Experience: Five (5) years of law enforcement experience with at least three (3) years of supervisory and/or administrative duties preferred.

  • License/Certification/Endorsements: Must hold a driver’s license valid in the State of Iowa; must be bondable; must hold and maintain all licenses, registrations, and certifications for this position as required by the City of Farley, Dubuque County, and the State of Iowa; must possess a Law Enforcement Certificate issued by the State of Iowa; certified to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).

  • Special Knowledge & Abilities: Knowledge of the principles and practices of contemporary municipal police management, public sector budgeting fundamentals, personnel administration, and public relations; able to plan, organize, direct, and supervise employees toward departmental and City goals; able to develop a departmental budget and operate within the confines of such through regular monitoring; able to recall names, faces, and details from specific incidents; able to interview persons to obtain information; able to write clear, concise, accurate, and grammatically correct reports; able to access technical sources of information, including state and federal laws and regulations; knowledge of local, state, and federal criminal motor vehicle and related laws and regulations , codes, and ordinances; knowledge of arrest procedures and rights of prisoners under state and federal law; knowledge of city roads and landmarks; skill in responding to members of the public under emotional distress; thorough understanding of the limits on police discretion; knowledge of methods of collecting and preserving evidence; knowledge of regulations regarding blood borne pathogens, procedures for preventing the spread of the disease, and “right-to-know” law regarding hazardous chemicals.

  • Physical Requirements: Able to drag 150 pounds up to 15 yards; able to safely push, pull, lift, or carry heavy objects, including people or motor vehicles; able to safely climb, balance, walk, or stand for extended periods of time; able to stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, reach, run, push, pull, lift, finger, grasp, and perform other job-related demands; normal color vision with clarity of vision of 20” or less, and 20’ or more, as well as proficient hand/eye coordination.

  • Mental Requirements: Able to use logical thinking to solve problems and reach conclusions to investigations; able to remain calm and make decisions under stressful, dangerous, or emergency situations; able to understand and properly follow directions.

  • Work Environment: Work outdoors, in an office setting, and within an automobile. Work involves exposure to dangerous, emergency, or stressful situations; potentially dangerous or hostile individuals; and extensive interaction with the public. Work will involve exposure to heat and cold; darkness and poor lighting; confined spaces; isolation, sitting at a desk, or driving in a car for extended periods of time visual strain; noise; wetness or humidity; traffic hazards; working with firearms; significant work pace pressure; and irregular work hours necessary to carryout essential functions and to perform during emergency management and critical incident situations.


All duties and requirements in this job description have been determined by the employer to be essential job functions and are consistent with ADA requirements and are representative of the functions that are necessary to successful job performance. They may not, however, reflect the only duties performed. The City of Farley retains the right to change the job duties included in this job description at any time. Employees in this job class will be expected to perform other job-related duties when it can be reasonably implied that such duties do not fundamentally change the basic requirements, purpose, or intent of the position.


To apply, please download and fill out the corresponding forms.

Application materials can be returned to City Hall by 4:00PM on September 19th. EOE.
(Please note that this application is specific to positions within the Police Department and should not be used to apply for positions within other Departments.)