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Dyersville Economic Development Corporation is here to provide fast and friendly service. We offer dedicated staff that will help your business make the most of our area's advantages. We can help your company with the following confidential site selection assistance:

  • Serve as a single point of contact for services

  • Provide comprehensive demographic and business climate information

  • Identify real estate options and provide swift decision-making for negotiations

  • Organize and lead visits of the region for site, building, and workforce evaluation

  • Coordinate local and state incentives proposals and execution

  • Connect with all services needed for relocation

  • Assist with identification and recruitment of potential employees


Why Dyersville?

Dyersville is a progressive community in a growing economy. We are constantly evolving, wrapped in hospitality and positioning ourselves for a vibrant future.

  • An educated, motivated and productive workforce

  • Low cost of doing business

  • A pro-business tax climate

  • A central location, convenient access to highway and Interstate system

  • Excellent school systems and higher education opportunities

  • A wide variety of opportunities for recreation, relaxation or whatever it is you like to do when you are not working

  • Great place to raise a family; where small town friendliness meets larger city opportunities.


Why Iowa?

The state of Iowa is known for its smart, business-friendly policies and a highly skilled workforce. Iowa has a strong track record of enacting progressive, pro-business legislation that creates favorable conditions for our companies. Simply put, business thrives in Iowa!

Iowa is a Right-To-Work State

Under Iowa law, an employee must not be required to join a union or pay dues or fees to any labor union, association or organization, as a condition of employment.

Unemployment Insurance

Iowa has one of the lowest new employer Unemployment Insurance rates in the nation. The 2014 standard new employer rate for all non-construction businesses for a three-year period is 1.0 percent on a $26,800 wage base. In 2015, the average rate will fall from 1.6 percent to 1.2 percent.

Workers' Compensation

Iowa's comparative workers' compensation costs continue to rank among the nation's lowest-cost third of states.