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Water and Waste Water


Natural Gas



Water and Waste Water

Water plays a key role in a community's health and well-being. The City of Dyersville upgraded their system in 2009 and has an abundance of water capacity and increased size of distribution lines.

>> Water and Waste Water Capacities:

  • Design capacity: 1 million gallons per day

  • General demand: 415,000 gallons per day

  • Peak demand: 743,000 gallons per day

  • Storage capacity: over 1.5 million gallons per day

>> 20 West Industrial Park is supplied with 12" water mains that form a loop system for redundancy.

Dyersville is in the process of a $5 million project to double the city's wastewater capacity. The new facility will feature more efficient and sustainable treatment methods, reduced operational and reduced maintenance costs.

  • BOD design capacity of 2,400 pounds per day

  • TSS design capacity of 3,600 pounds per day

  • AWW Flow of 1.179 million gallons per day

The City of Dyersville has demonstrated a commitment to planning ahead to ensure all infrastructure is reliable, maintained and there is capacity to meet the growing needs of the community and future industrial facilities.



Two main providers service the Dyersville area with competitive and reliable electric energy: Alliant Energy and Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative.

Alliant Energy, headquartered in Madison, WI offers options to meet businesses electric needs while remaining affordable. As a partner in economic development, Alliant Energy offers incentives to businesses for energy management systems, energy-efficient equipment and lighting, energy-efficient process improvements, and geothermal heating and cooling.

Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative is a private, non-profit electric utility owned by the members it serves. Through a network of service companies, Maquoketa Valley offers low interest and grant financing as well as incentive pricing.

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Natural Gas

Dyersville is served by Black Hills Energy Corp for its natural gas service. Black Hills Energy serves approximately 900,000 customers in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. In fact 20 West Industrial Park in Dyersville has the capacity for 250 psi.



Dyersville is served by 3 different telecommunications/internet providers: Comelec, Mediacom, Prairienet and Windstream.

Comelec is a High Speed Internet service provider located in Dubuque, IA offering fiber internet options.

Mediacom offers phone, high-speed internet, family cable, premium services, digital cable, pay-per-view, and video-on-demand.

Prairie iNet offers high-speed broadband and wireless internet service.

Windstream combines data, voice, equipment, applications, and data center services to create solutions tailored to the unique needs of individual businesses.