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Dyersville is strategically located in the center of North America and within 50 minutes of Interstates 380 and 80 via four-lane U.S. Highway 20. These major transportation corridors allow for the efficient over the road movement of products to markets throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Major business and population centers on the East Coast can be reached in less than one day, markets on the West Coast in just over a day and those in Canada and Mexico in less than a day.

Industrial centers within the City of Dyersville are located with easy access to U.S Highway 20 and State Highway 136. 

Interstates and Highways



Close to Metro Areas


Interstates and Highways

Located in the heart of the Midwest, along four-lane US 20, Dyersville is a convenient distance from several major urban areas and large consumer markets. US Hwys 151 and 61 are a short 20 miles away and provide additional access to Interstate 80.

  • U.S. Highway 20: 0 miles

  • State Highway 136: 0 miles

  • U.S. Highway 151: 20 miles

  • U.S. Highway 61: 20 miles

  • Interstate 380: 55 miles

  • Interstate 80: 75 miles

  • Motor Carriers: 18

  • Local Terminals: 2

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The Canadian National operates the rail line running east/west through Dyersville with intermodal facilities and daily switching service in Dubuque. A public access rail spur is available in Dyersvilles along Beltline Road.

  • Railway Infrastructure: Canadian National

  • Public Rail Spur: 2

  • Distance Nearest Piggyback Service (miles): 20.00

To learn more about Iowa's railways, visit the 
Iowa Department of Transportation's Office of Rail Transportation Web site.

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The Dyersville area is a 30 minute drive from the Dubuque Regional Airport and within an easy drive of the Quad City International Airport (Moline, IL), the Eastern Iowa Airport (Cedar Rapids, IA), the Dane County Regional Airport (Madison, WI), and the Chicago Rockford International Airport (Rockford, IL), all of which offer connections to major hubs such as Chicago O'Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Louis, Detroit, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa and Cincinnati.

>> Regional and International

  • Dubuque Regional (about 30 miles; Dubuque, IA; ID: DBQ)

  • The Eastern Iowa (about 58 miles; Cedar Rapids, IA; ID: CID

  • Quad City International Airport (about 95 miles; Quad Cities, IA; ID: MLI)

>> Other Public Use

  • Dyersville (about 1 mile; Dyersville, IA; ID: Application Pending

  • Monticello Regional Airport (about 19 miles; Monticello, IA; ID: MXO)

  • Cassville Municipal (about 20 miles; Cassville, WI; ID: C74)

  • Manchester Municipal (about 26 miles; Manchester, IA; ID: C27)

  • Waterway: Mississippi River: 30 miles to Port of Dubuque
    20 Miles to Guttenburg

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