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Dyersville and our surrounding area boasts an exceptional education system from early childhood to post secondary. Known for high graduation performance and surperior literacy rates, Iowa consistently ranks in the top five states in the nation on standardized achievement tests such as ACT, SAT, and ITBS. Test scores for elementary and high school students in Dyersville consistently rank above both national and state averages.

Our area colleges, universities and technical schools not only provide diverse fields of study and expertise to incoming students, but a resource to businesses for continuing education and professional development.

ACT Composite Test Scores

National Average: 20.5
Iowa: 22
Dyersville: 22.8

% of Students Taking ACT: 72%


Higher Education Overview

// Community/Technical Colleges:

Northeast Iowa Community College
(about 17 miles; PEOSTA, IA;
FT enrollment: 2,393)

Kirkwood Community College
(about 48 miles; CEDAR RAPIDS, IA;
Full-time enrollment: 7,991)

Hawkeye Technical Institute
(about 55 miles, WATERLOO, IA)

// Public Universities:

University of Northern Iowa
(about 50 miles, CEDAR FALLS, IA;
FT enrollment 12,260)

University of Wisconsin-Plattville
(about 48 miles; PLATTEVILLE, WI;
FT enrollment: 5,045)

University of Upper Iowa
(about 56 miles; FAYETTE, IA;
FT enrollment: 3,173)

University of Iowa
(about 60 miles; IOWA CITY, IA;
FT enrollment: 24,766)

// Private Colleges:

University of Dubuque
(30 miles, Dubuque, IA)

Loras College
(30 miles, Dubuque, IA)

Clarke College
(30 miles, Dubuque, IA)

Mount Mercy
(60 miles, Cedar Rapids, IA)

Coe College
(60 miles, Cedar Rapids, IA)

Divine Word College
(8 miles, Epworth, IA)

Secondary Education

// School District:

Western Dubuque School District

// Private high schools/junior high schools:

Beckman Catholic Junior Senior High School
1325 9th Street SE
Dyersville, IA 52040 
(563) 875-7188
Principal: Marcel Kielkucki

// Public high schools:

Western Dubuque High School
302 5th Ave. S.W.
Epworth, Iowa 52045
Phone: 563-876-3442
Principal: Jacob Feldmann

Elementary Education

// Private elementary schools:

St. Francis Xavier School
203 Second St. SW
Dyersville, IA 
Phone: (563)875-7376
Fax: (563)875-7037
Principal: Peter Smith

// Public elementary/middle schools:

Drexler Middle School
405 3rd Ave. N.E.
Farley, Iowa 52046
Phone: 563-744-3371
Principal: Tim Showalter

Drexler Elementary School
405 3rd Ave. N.E.
Farley, Iowa 52046
Phone: 563-744-3308
Principal: Linda Martin

Dyersville Elementary School
813 12th Avenue SW 
Dyersville, IA 52040
Phone: 563-875-8484
Principal: Linda Martin

Epworth Elementary School
201 Jacoby Drive East
Epworth, Iowa 52045
Phone: 563-876-5514
Principal: Shari Steward