JEDA Polymers

Taking their collective plastic knowledge and expertise, Jeff and Ronda, sought to help the smaller injection molders with their challenges in the expansive world of polymers. Each customer is and will always be valued whether their material needs are great or small.

Partnering closely with customers to innovate, solve molding issues, and develop new products is root of why JEDA Polymers was not only established but also the reason we continue to grow and thrive.

“If you build it they will come”....a famous movie quote from “The Field of Dreams” seems quite fitting to our growth. With assistance from Dyersville Economic Development Corporation (DEDC), JEDA built a new manufacturing facility and offices located in a newly developed industrial park on the South side of Dyersville, Iowa in 2016. The Dyersville facility is 43,000 square feet and provides us with not only more capacity but greater efficiencies and new capabilities such as in-house quality lab. 

Jeff Goodwin

Ronda Haskell
Vice President
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2315 Industrial Parkway
SW Dyersville IA 52040
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